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L.A.T.S. APSC 2018 (EN)


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LATS APSC (Airsoft Practical Shooting Competition)

Organisers: L.A.T.S. team
Type of event: Practical shooting competition
Date: 30/06/2018
Place: To be announced later.
Number of participants: 10 pairs - 20 in participants in total. Registration is eligible only in pairs. In case if there are more than 10 pairs willing to participate additional selection will be organised.
Price: 15 euro per participant (velcro patch, gifts, organising expenses, preparation and rent of area, organising personnel, snacks and water).

Preliminary programme of event:

Saturday: - 9:00 – 10:00 – Registration of participants;
Saturday: - 10:00 – 11:00 - Opening. Briefing;
Saturday: - 11:00 – 11:30 – Preparation for stages;
Saturday: - 11:30 – 15:30 – Action, teams rotate through stages I and II.
Saturday: - 16:00 –              End of competition, announcement of results,                                            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Competition will consist of two stages -
• First stage – APS (airsoft practical shooting exercises, passed individually);
• Second stage – TTR (shooting exercises with full gear, passed in pairs).

Only registered and approved by organisers participants may take part in competition. Organisers keep the right to decline any registration without any additional explanations. After registration is approved additional information regarding event and payment will be provided (via email).

P.S. In case if player cannot participate – participation fee is not refunded.

Registration form must be sent to Name the letter “Registration” and please include the team name in the name of letter. Registered team will be announced in this thread.

Registration form:
1. Name, Surname, Nickname;

2. Model of long rifle replica, model of pistol replica;


1.1. Format of tournament

During competition, all participating pair will compete in two stages, during which referees will evaluate the pairs regarding obtained points, time, penalty points, some tactical and movement aspects.

Only officially registered players (in Lithuanian airsoft society or in case if player is from abroad – any other proof of airsoft experience is required. Players should meet minimal requirements for gear.

Participants which are younger than 18 years old should provide document/agreement which permits him to participate in particularly this event and should also have accompanying person which will be responsible for his health and actions (accompanying person should at least 18 years old and must be mentioned in the document).


1.2. Referees

During competition team of referees will evaluate participants. It will consist from organisers or persons chosen by organisers.


1.3. General rules

During competition all participants must follow the official rules which will be announced during opening of the event.

Participants which will cheat or break the rules in any other way could be warned, punished with penalty points or just be expelled from the event without any warning.

1.4. Team requirements
Team players must have experience in official airsoft events (provide proof or teams webpage). Team must consist of two participants.


1.4. Gear requirements

1. Pistol replica (GBB/CO2);

2. Replica of long rifle (M4/AK/G class, etc.) (for one member team)

3. Protective glasses;

4. Helmet (or replica of helmet);

5. Tactical vest;

6. …………………………..



2.1. Stage APS

Team members will have to pass this stage individually. Tactical targets will be positioned. When passing stage, participant will have to hit targets using pistol replica.

Both team members will have to pass stage. They will pass not at the same time, but individually.

Full gear during this stage is not necessary.

Information about stage:
• XX pistol targets;
• XX penalty targets (could not be hit);
• 1 target with timer (will mark time);
• Every target will have to be hit at least two times;
• Result will depend from two factors: accuracy and time (will be calculated using formula).



2.2. Stage TTR

Pair will have to pass this stage with full gear. During the stage tactical targets will be positioned. Both team members will pass the stage at the same time, working as a pair. One of them will be ballistic shield carrier (and will use pistol), other – will be using automatic rifle replica, will move in the cover of shield carrier.

Targets will have to be hit with pistol or automatic rifle, depending on type of target.

Information about stage:
• Length– XX m.;
• XX pistol targets (for shield carrier);
• XX rifle targets (for shooter);
• XX penalty targets (could not be hit);
• 1 target with timer;
• Target will have to be hit: double tap for shield carrier, three times for shooter;
• Result will be calculated from accuracy and time. Movement, team job and tactical aspects will also be evaluated (usage of shield carrier as a cover, etc.).

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