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Battlegroup 2022, 3.-6.8.2022, The biggest international airsoft event in Finland

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TSTOS 2022 is a four-day airsoft event that will be held in Juupajoki, Finland in the areas of the old ski center Juupavaara.

The game area has plenty of altitude differences, interesting terrain, good road networks and some lakes. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date.

Please note that the language of the event is English

  • If the event has to be canceled due to the Covid-pandemic, we will refund the price of the game fee. A handling fee of 5 € will be deducted from the game fee because of the workload caused by payment refunds.


  • PLAYER LIMIT: Approx. 800
  • AGE LIMIT: 18 years
  • DATE: 3.-6.8.2022
  • GAME AREA: Juupavaara, Juupajoki, Finland
    • Prepayment: from 90 € +5 € / month
    • On site: 125 €
    • Civilian factions: 25 €
    • Main factions HQ roles: 40 €
  • FACTIONS:  Sewell Mining,  Polaris energy,  Civilians
  • PHOTOS OF LAST YEAR EVENT: Ehasa gallery
  • EMAIL:

Ehasa Facebook

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  • 1 month later...

A visit to Juupajoki game area


On June 11, 2022, we made a visit to the new Juupavaara game area. The new area seemed very suitable for our event and is guaranteed to offer a diverse and interesting terrain for all kinds of players. In terms of mechanized forces, the roads are not quite as wide as, for example, on Ilveskallio, or Padasjoki, but there are plenty of bypasses in the road areas and with vehicles that have more increase in ground clearance bypassing is possible almost everywhere. There are also steep cliffs and other elevation differences in some places along the road for players in AT-roles.

As it is an old ski resort, there was great scenery from the top of Juupavaara. A civilian village will be established in the lower parts of the southern slope of Juupavaara, where it will be practically in the center of the area, serving both factions. The bases of the actual fighting factions are placed in the forest on the opposing sides of the game area. Detailed base locations will be announced for the specific factions some weeks before the event starts. However, there will be separate driving directions to both bases.

You can find more pictures of the area from here:



Ticket sales, chronography, restaurant services, first aid and a game masters area can be found in the main building of the actual ski resort. There is also a flat gravel base in the registration area, where the landowner sells tent and caravan sites with an electric plug. The reservation of paid tent and caravan places to be established in the registration area will be handled in groups/teams by e-mail at, after which the area's owner will send payment information in return. Note. of course, accommodation at the factions bases is free of charge, and at the HQ you can also charge batteries and other small electrical devices. Camping in the registration area is only an additional service provided by the land owner.

The factions bases cannot be accommodated in RVs due to lack of space.


Registration of minors

Due to the new game area, we are no longer tied to age restrictions. In addition, we have received a lot of questions about the registration of minors. We have decided to allow those over the age of 16 to attend the event. This is an experiment to be carried out in 2022, and in 2023 the age limits will again be assessed separately on the basis of this year's experiment.

Requirements for minors:

  • Written permission from the guardian to participate in the event. Print the note and bring it signed to the event. You can also present the written note from your phone.
  • Valid accident insurance during the event.
  • Playing as part of a group where at least half are adults. You can search for open groups, for example, on the Ehasa or Airsoft Finland discord server in the TSTOS2022 subgroups.
  • The commander of a faction shall decide whether you can act in a special role as a minor (medic, at-player etc).
  • Familiarity with the event's website, theme and rules.

You can register as a minor from Kuulaportisa from June 15, 2022.

Changes in game fees

Due to the area challenges of the TSTOS event this year and the late confirmation of the event, we have decided to suspend any further changes to game fees. The game fee is therefore locked for the June prices, which are 25€ for civilians and 105€ for fighting factions. When paying on site, this surcharge will be added separately.


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