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Battlegroup 21, 11-14.8.2021, The biggest international airsoft event in Finland

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The Biggest finnish airsoft event, Battlegroup 21, will be held once again in Padasjoki, Finland 11.-14.8.2021

Battlegroup 2021 is a four days long airsoft event combining milsim and larp elements. The event will be held in Padasjoki in the areas of the Finnish defence forces, the municipality of Padasjoki and the city of Hämeenlinna. Combined, the event area offers a large and extensive road network. Also the combined area enables the use of various vehicles such as wheeled and boats. Follow our Facebook-page to find out more. The duration of the event is from Wednesday to Saturday. More detailed information about the game area, the factions and the story will be published later in main site but before that you can check our teaser site:

Foreign players and the language of the event

Once again we warmly welcome our foreign visitors. To support the participation of foreigners, the language of the event is English. Part of the gamearea is used by Finnish defence forces and therefore foreign players must have registered 2 weeks before the start of the event. We will check identities upon registration.



If the event has to be canceled due to the Covid-pandemic, we will refund the price of the game fee. A handling fee of 5 € will be deducted from the game fee because of the workload caused by payment refunds.






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Battlegroup 21 event registration is open now (and +180 now already registered) at the new Kuulaportti version:

The new Kuulaportti demands you to make a new user. Vehicle registration opens later. All faction player names expect UN are "secret" so people won't choose their faction only based on old "groups" from previous games.

If you have any problems, take a picture of it and send it at

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