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  1. We're searching for the best deals, lowering prices, increasing the range of products, and warming up the discounts to red! Join the Gunfire Warm-Up and be ready for the return of the airsoft season. Save up to 75%OFF over 3,900 products!
  2. Czas powitać nową serię z rodziny EDGE ™. To nowy rozdział w rozwoju naszych produktów i nowy standard wydajności! Czas na EDGE 2.0! Jedna z najbardziej oczekiwanych replik tego roku jest wreszcie dostępna w sprzedaży. H-Series premiera jest w tym samym czasie premiery EDGE ™ standardzie 2.0. Repliki dostępne w tej linii są wyposażone w jednostkę GATE ASTER ™, nową wersję systemu szybkiej wymiany sprężyny - ESA2 i mocny silnik High Torque . Nowa seria J od Specna Arms składa się z replik AEG kultowej rodziny rosyjskich karabinów szturmowych. Repliki serii J charakteryzują się bardzo solidną konstrukcją opartą na w pełni stalowym odbiorniku i stalowej lufie zewnętrznej. Repliki serii J są napędzane wzmocnioną skrzynią biegów ORION V3 z systemem szybkiej wymiany sprężyny Enter & Convert. Repliki są wyposażone w precyzyjną lufę 6,03 mm i 2 magazynki. Trwa wyprzedaż zwycięzców, a my dodajemy ponad 350 nowych produktów! Te dodatkowe dni i przedmioty ze zniżkami nawet do 70% są świetną okazją, aby przygotować się na nadchodzący sezon. Sprawdź ponad 4000 produktów w sprzedaży i skorzystaj z najlepszych ofert! W ostatniej dostawie otrzymaliśmy wiele nowych produktów. Wśród nich są różne akcesoria do replik airsoft, takie jak komory hop-up oraz nowe typy kolb i uchwytów. Wśród 400 produktów znajdziesz maski ochronne, woreczki, kamizelki, paski, spodnie taktyczne i wiele innych. Sprawdź akcesoria dostępne w kamuflażu MC Tropic.
  3. The Winners Sale is on! As a thank-you for your support, we are starting one of the biggest sales of this year! Over 4000 products up to 70%OFF! Among them equipment from WE, VFC, AMOEBA, FMA, Lonex, TMC and other brands. Celebrate with us and save on the desired equipment! 🔥The long-awaited Edge J-series™ has arrived!🔥🤩 First replicas will be available for sale in the next week, so follow our distributors! ⭐️ The J-Series™ replicas feature a very solid construction with a full-steel outer barrel and many more parts made of steel like a receiver, or a muzzle brake. ⭐️ The first batch of replicas includes classic models with wooden parts. ⭐️ J-Series™ replicas have the reinforced ORION™ V3 Gearbox with the Enter & Convert™ quick spring change system. We’ve just added to our offer new products - Specna Arms Gun Bags V1 and V2. Bags are made of durable nylon, have a lot of functional elements, additional pockets, and foam padding that will protect our replica while carrying it. The set includes a collectors patch. New delivery of the Bollé safety eyewear! The offer includes basic models and very professional X goggles. We also recommend kits of Mamba and Viper glasses at very attractive prices.
  4. Winter is almost over, so it's time to dust off your replica, take gear out of the closet and supply it with new elements, parts or accessories! The Winter Reload sale with deals up to 71%OFF will help you with the latter one! Find something for yourself among 2500 items! If you want to remain unnoticed on the airsoft battlefield, good masking is essential. Camo Pen paints offer you a very simple, fast and clean application of an effective camouflage on a replica and more! Camo Pen paints are equipped with a convenient applicator with a sponge, they are suitable for coating plastics, ceramics, metals, and textile materials. As the official LCT distributor in Poland, we want to inform you about the delivery from this manufacturer! It includes the long-awaited accessories from the Z Series! Among them are handguards, stocks, rails and other parts for replicas of AK assault rifles. AS03 replicas are probably the shortest, serial, spring-powered sniper rifles. The whole construction is only 48 cm and weighs just over 1.5 kg! Such a short barrel will prove onself in even the tightest rooms during CQB games. The handgaurd was made of polymer reinforced with nylon fiber which creates an extremely durable construction. The replica is equipped with a bolt action system. The mid-cap, short magazine (45 BB's) feeds BB's directly into the HU chamber, which significantly reduces the frequency of jams. The use of CNC technology during production has resulted in fantastic precision and a compact, sturdy construction. Specna Arms MTU ™ - Mini Tracer Unit is a compact sound suppressor with the function of glowing up tracer BB’s. The silencer has a built-in, efficient rechargeable battery charged using micro-USB, energy saving mode and an attached adapter for both pistols and carbines replicas. We’ve added to the Specna Arms CORE™ offer models with PDW stocks. Products from this series are characterized by a durable and light construction. They are equipped with a solid gearbox, a precise, rotary HU chamber, and the quick spring change system- CORE™.
  5. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ It's time to start Winter Loadout❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ Over 3000 products up to -65% New Delivery Electro River If you are looking for an efficient LiPo battery for your replica, be sure to check out the new delivery of Electro River Products! 😁😁 Valken Airsoft We have just received the delivery from Valken! It consists of masks, goggles, bbs, batteries and other airsoft accessories. Specna Arms EDGE™ The long-awaited delivery of Specna Arms EDGE™ replicas has arrived at our storehouse! Carbine replicas from this line are equipped with a reinforced ORION Gearbox, ESA quick spring change system, X-ASR unit from GATE, and 2 mid-cap S-MAG magazines. Some of the EDGE™ models were made under the Rock River Arms license!
  6. The New Year Sale in Gunfire is on! Grab the best deals and start the coming year with the new, better equipment. Up to -65% on over 3500 products in the New Year Sale. As the official LCT distributor in Poland, we want to inform you about the delivery from this manufacturer! It consists of magazines, accessories and replicas including AK models with the Electric Blow Back system as well as LCK-12 and LKC-15 carbines. We have restocked over 50 new replicas from the Specna Arms ONE™ series. Among them are classic and modern models of carbines from the AR15 family with the Enter & Convert, or SAEC™ quick spring change system. The offer also includes H-series replicas and new models with M-LOK and KeyMod available in Red Edition and Chaos Bronze versions.
  7. Specna Arms® introduces another novelty: the professional EDGE™ series of precision BB’s. In the wide range of EDGE™ BB’s, you will find the highest quality ammunition for airsoft replicas manufactured by real experts in the field of precision BB’s - the Taiwanese company BLS. Specna Arms EDGE™ by BLS BB’s are available in weights from 0.20g to 0.50g in the standard, biodegradable, and Tracer versions. This American manufacturer has been offering the highest quality, professional goggles, glasses and accessories that meet all protective and ballistic standards for almost 30 years. All Pyramex products are thoroughly tested. We recommend the Pyramex offer to both airsoft players and shooting sports enthusiasts.
  8. Are you looking for gift ideas? Check our new Christmas Sale with over 2000 products that will make happy every airsoft fan. We have prepared for you discounts up to 70% and a batch of new items for every day of the Sale. Ho Ho Ho! Santa has left in Gunfire a lot of gifts. Now they are waiting for you to collect them. Place an order with the value exceeding 75 EUR, or 65GBP, and add to your basket the free set of gifts like a mask, BBs, armband, and more.
  9. Gunfire’s sale is getting bigger! On Black Friday, we are adding over 700 new products from E&L, LCT, Maple Leaf, Theta Optics and other brands. Check new, lower prices of over 3000 products and discounts up to 80%OFF! Don’t hesitate and get the best discounts! On Black Friday we got you another freebie - Gunfire Girls Calendar 2020! You can receive it for orders with a minimum value of 50EUR. That's not all! For orders over 75EUR you will receive the calendar and a free pair of gloves. Remember about a size!
  10. The most anticipated promotion of the year is on! Thousands of products up to -70% on Black Madness at Gunfire! G&G, Specna Arms and VFC replicas, Emerson and Primal Gear equipment, Element and SHS parts, and dozens of other brands on sale! Terms & Conditions The sale you can’t miss! Discounts up to 70% on Black Madness at Gunfire! G&G, Specna Arms, VFC, Emerson, FMA and many more brands. Thousands of products on sale!
  11. A completely new brand has just appeared in our offer - Kublai! In their catalog, you will find various accessories for replicas such as grips, handles, HU chambers, stocks, and triggers. Many of them are made of high-quality aluminum using CNC machines. The new delivery from Umarex will please all fans of licensed replicas. You can find in it Glock 17 Gen.5 pistols available in green gas/CO2 versions as well as magazines and accessories. The long-awaited delivery of Specna Arms EDGE™ replicas has arrived at our storehouse! Carbine replicas from this line are equipped with a reinforced ORION Gearbox, ESA quick spring change system, X-ASR unit from GATE and 2 mid-cap S-MAG magazines. The delivery includes three new models: E14, E19 and E20. The Tornado 2 Timer Frag Grenade is the most powerful reusable airsoft grenade ever created. It’s powered by green gas and contains a simple reliable timer. Due to the Quantum Drive system, Tornado 2 fires 200 BBs at ~240 FPS in a full 360° spread. The latest version of the Tornado chronograph is equipped with a Bluetooth 2.0 module that allows you to connect the device with a dedicated application and control functions with your phone. The product has a clear LCD and is powered by a 400mAh battery.
  12. The first serially-produced replica of the Russian sniper rifle SV-98 from Raptor is now available in Gunfire! The replica has an olive stock of plywood, exactly like its real counterpart. The replica is sold in two versions: basic and DELUXE with a dedicated bipod, silencer, transport handle and 2 mid-cap magazines. The anticipated Specna Arms® EDGE replicas with the GATE ASTER™ module are now available for sale. The built-in ASTER™ unit is equipped with the innovative optical sensors and the smart fuse that protects the battery, motor, and the controller, even in case of reverse battery connection. The module offers even 250 possible trigger sensitivity settings and many more useful functions. Primal Gear's offer includes high-quality equipment made of durable 1000D Nylon and 500D Multicam® Cordura, which works great in all conditions - at work, at the shooting range, in airsoft or during everyday use. You will find in it the new line of flash hiders, aluminum outer barrel extensions, great silencers from lines Covert Tactical Pro or Standard and internal parts like standard and bore up nozzles. All Airsoft Enginnering products were made in Poland, using CNC machines! We have just received big shipment from Ultimate Tactical. Among 400 products you will find protective masks, pouches, vests, belts, tactical pants and more. Check out accessories available in the MC Tropic camouflage.
  13. Beat the Autumn blues with hot discounts up to 75%OFF! The Autumn sale at Gunfire is on! Check over 4500 products from Cyma, G&G, FMA, Primal Gear, Specna Arms and other brands.
  14. The new shipment from E&L Airsoft includes steel AK replicas, internal parts, complete conversion kits and replicas of AR15 carbines available in the Elite and Platinum versions. Both series have aluminum parts and a quick spring change system. We’ve received another delivery of excellent Krytac replicas. The offer consists of well-known, effective Trident carbines, Enhanced Light Machine Gun replica and various models of KRISS Vector. New shipment from SHS and Super Shooter! It includes over 200 products among which you can find accessories and parts for replicas like steel gear sets, nozzles, aluminum pistons and KeyMod handguards. Don’t miss the latest delivery from Nuprol! You will find in it a lot of interesting products, such as Romeo series of replicas, M79 type grenade launchers, LiPo batteries, RZR BBs and great Hard Gun Cases.
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